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We believe that you deserve a reliable and functional Electrical Vehicle Charging Station for your car, OC Electrician will make sure you have an EV Charging Station you can depend on. We provide services customized to meet your home's unique needs and requirements. OC Electrician will install a dependable Electrical Vehicle Charging Station today.

E-Vehicle Charging Station

The type of PEV purchased will determine the way people charge their vehicles. Homeowners may plug their vehicles into a conventional 120- volt household outlet or install a 240-volt circuit for faster charging. A person who purchases a battery electric vehicle (BEV), such as the Nissan Leaf, may choose to use a Level 2 charging station. Level 2 chargers use 240 volts and cut the charging time by about one-half compared with 120 volt charging. Level 2 charging generally requires installation of a dedicated circuit and a charging station at your home (usually in the garage).

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Services includes but is not limited:
  • Level 1 charging station Installation
  • Level 2 charging station Installation

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